Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pants to shorts refashion

Followers of my blog will be aware of my latest refashion, a pair of horrid looking pants from the op-shop, refashioned into a pair of shorts - a vast improvement I think?



And here is a sneak preview of what I will be working on next. This vintage dress is frumpy-tastic!, but the floral fabric is gorgeous. It cost me $2 from the op shop.

Firstly the length has to go. I'm thinking of adding some elastic to the waistline. What do you think I should do with it re-fashioners? Should I do anything with the sleeves?


Refashion said...

Great save with the shorts!

Hm ... I love that collar [but I love most collars, I have a collar fixation] and would be tempted to pair it with a coordinating skirt, vintage style. Maybe make it sleeveless and use bias strips made from the skirt material to bind the armholes to tie the whole outfit together?

EOD/Jessica ;-).

LF said...

I always like to cuff my sleeves a little higher; you have nice arms so why not end the sleeves just below your deltoids/the ball of your shoulder?

I'd use some of the extra dress length to make a casing and self drawstring so that you can do a cinched or bloused waist. Or a fun ruffle?

Tracey@bountifully said...

they look great, love the new blog, not sure if I am game enough to contribute though!

Refashion said...

Go on Tracey, give it a go and contribute your refashions! We're all a friendly bunch =)


Anonymous said...

Yes definitely some elastic or shirring at the waist and I would cut the sleeves very short - almost so they go to nothing at the armpits. Love this new blog incidentally.