Thursday, March 10, 2011

Introductions from Suzie

Hi everyone! I thought it was high time I introduced myself - I'm Suzie from Belfast, Northern Ireland, and I blog over at Su Sews So-So. I was given a sewing machine for my birthday in 2009 and I've been slowly teaching myself to sew and documenting the process on my blog.

I haven't done a lot of refashions, but I have big plans. Or rather...I have a BIG stash of clothes waiting to be refashioned! Lots of ideas for all of them so I'll make sure I post on here whenever I make something.

In the meantime, let me leave you with some of the refashion creations I've made so far:

This is my first refashion attempt. I made this skirt out of one of my boyfriends old shirts. It turned out quite well, but perhaps a bit tight! I was very pleased with the waistband though, which I made out of the shirt cuffs. You can see more about how I made it here.

This is my favourite refashion - and so easy! Again another mans shirt (this time from a charity shop) turned into a smocked halter neck. I made a tutorial for this if you are interested - find it here.

And finally, yet again another men's shirt refashion (I'm beginning to see a trend here!) made into a reversible tote bag. I'm planning on making a tutorial on this which I'll put on my blog, but for a basic run down of the bag check out here.

Perhaps I should challenge myself a little and make my next refashion out of something other than a mans shirt!


Miss P said...

Oooh, that smocked halter from a man's shirt is VERY clever indeed!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the shirt. I am currently refashioning a couple men's shirts and this definitely inspiration for one of them!

Erica Louise said...

Oh I LOVE what you've done with the men's shirts! great to have you here Suzie!

Erica Louise
Editor on Duty

poet said...

Welcome! I think men's shirts are great resources for refashioning!

Ashley said...

Great work Suzie!