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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Topturned Pants!

Hi everybody!

It is super thrilling to be able to participate in this blog, thank you for the invitation! I've been reading along for quite a while now. I have always loved thrifting and making my own clothes, so upcycling, recyling, or re-fashioning is basically my middle name. ;-)

I live in Vienna, Austria, but am originally from Switzerland. I spent five years in New York, making my diploma in Music Theater. I am a professional singer, lots of Opera, Operetta and Musicals are on my schedule... in recent years I've become more and more interested in what my costumes will look like though, and I am known to be wandering around the dressmaking departments asking a million of questions... :-) (And getting the answers, too!)

The above is my most recent upcycling project, and I added about a hundred "making-of" pictures on my blog, so you can see how the transformation happened. I'd love to have you come over for a visit! Here is the Post for the Topturned Pants!

If you are interested in the other two projects at the beginning of the post, Here is the post for the Jean-Top (it was my very first blog post!) and Here is the post for the Plaid Skirt.

I have a pretty exciting upcycling project planned for my next contribution here. I'm only saying this much: a new life for my husbands old suit... Hopefully it'll work out!

Happy recycling everybody!

PS: It would be great to have buttons for our own blogs - you know, the scissors button with the writing "member of", to link to this blog here... Or does it already exist?


Lovenicky said...

I love love love your top-turned pants! So creative!

Becky said...

Those look really great-- I'm especially impressed by the denim one!

KATJA said...

Thank you so much! And by the way - yes, I found the button and added it to my site. Thanks!

Kathleen said...

The denim shirt is absolutely amazing - fantastic details. The skirt and top-turned pants are also winners. What a fabulous fashion re-designer you are! :D

Reverse Clothing said...

This is probably the coolest thing I've ever seen on this blog. EVER.

Michelle said...

I need that denim shirt in my closet asap! It's beautiful. You are obviously VERY talented!

Carmencita B said...

I love the denim shirt as well! What a creative way to upcycle a pair of jeans!

Erica Louise said...

Firstly welcome. Your denim top is incredible, I love your style!

Secondly, with reference to a button, you can find one on our 'About' page

Can't wait to see more!

Erica, Editor on Duty

Huli said...

sweet refashions look forward to seeing more of your work :)

Sigrid said...

Those are some seriously cool refashions.