Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Introductory Refashion

Hello All!! I'm Wanett, aka Nettie, and I blog at Sown Brooklyn from Brooklyn, NYC!
To introduce myself, and contribute ;o), I have two (very simple) refashions to share with you today.
ETA: Before pic

BR Cotton Blend shirt & Armani (!!!) Wool slacks turned Shorts

Banana Republic Cotton Blend shirt & Armani (!!!) Wool slacks turned Shorts

I only took the sides of the shirt in a bit to make it a little less boxy and I've turned the cuffs back (it's a man's size small and didn’t have any sign of wear, at ALL.). I didn't shorten it because I liked the way it looked slightly longer and worn over fitted pants.

The Armani pants (!!!!) were a perfect fit, except for the length. I stitched down the pleat in the front, creating a kind of pintuck. After that, shortening them was fairly easy and straight forward.

I only just realized how versatile these shorts are. You can see them worn two more ways (with all thrifted items, and my FREE shoes from a Freecycle pick up!) at this blog post. And if you have the time, please offer your opinions on my upcoming Tuxedo refashion.

Thanks for having me, editors!!

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Erica Louise said...

Great to have you here Nettie! Your shorts look great worn with different outfits, sometimes shorts can work during winter too, which you wear well!

Would love to see your 'before' photo included to the blog post too if you have it?

Look forward to seeing more of your creations

Erica, Editor on Duty