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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Shirt to Skirt, stripes

You know how Mena has her "Mena test" for clothes, when she determines whether she actually needs to put a zipper in?  I think I have a "Seeks test" for refashions: If a top can fit over my hips and stay put, it is fair game for a skirt. In fact, it is almost automatically going to be made into a skirt.  See the first example here or here.

I picked up this Old Navy shirt at a Goodwill by my parents months ago. Loving the stripes, but not wanting to just wear it the same as usual way, I tucked it away in my far too big stack for refashions and stewed on it. But the refashion itself is quite simple: Cut off sleeves, Sew a skirt-appropriate silhouette, Wear.

Super comfortable, soft and a little more fun than the standard stripy shirt. :) Blog post here.


Erica Louise said...

Looks great as a skirt, I'll bet it's super comfy to wear too


Beth Huntington said...

So very clever!!!!