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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Refashioning for dressups

One of my favorite refashions is making dressups so i thought I'd show you some easy ones from  a while ago.
This first one uses a adult red jacket turned into a red coat soldier or tin soldier.
I added braid and gold buttons to the front to make it look more period, as well as some braid to the shoulder. To make the sleeves fit , fold them so that you have a wide cuff that looks neat but takes up the extra length, by first folding 2/3 of the  the extra into the sleeve then 1/3 folding back out wards.  Add a  gold button to hold it in position but also makes it easy to undo for resizing.
A belt at the waist and a daggy collared ladies blouse worn underneath with a tie and away you go. I think just added elastic the cut off extra on the ladies blouse to make it fit.

 This cute clown was cut out of a very bright and ugly ladies skirt. I used a contrast leg for effect and as I didnt have enough fabric. I made the hat by making a pointed hat out of cardboard for the pattern . By using a fusible stiff lining on bright fabric the hat was able to stand up by itself.

1 comment:

La La Lauren!!! said...

I love seeing refashions turning into costumes. I myself have done it also, actually I am refashioning a dress into a halloween costume too!

LaLaLauren EOD