Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pillow Case Tunic Top

made from king size pillow cases
Using my old king size pillow cases that were 100% cotton and so soft, I referred to my Japanese Stylish Dress Book, pattern X, to create this topI must tell you, even though it's marked one size fits all, it still came out quite large. 
back view
It's a very simple pattern to work with.  I made it a little longer than called for because I wanted to include all the lace trim at the bottom.  But it still seemed a bit to plain to me at the neckline...
with scrap lace scarf thingy added
Do you think that's better? 
To see me wearing it, go to Project Minima, Three's a Charm and scroll down to that pic.


Refashion said...

sure doesn't look like a pillowcase to me! I like the additional lace too!

pao said...

That's the pillow case part!