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Monday, 17 June 2013

Kid's sweatpants to a Happy Hat

Howdy, Y'all! How's your Monday going? I made myself a happy hat out of my kid's old gray sweatpants. My Magic Mom's 'Cloche Hat Tutorial' inspired and guided my nefarious little hand.
Read more about this hat over at my blog, the Embarrassing Disgrace.
(ATTN: It just now dawned on me that its initials are "ED" as in Erectile Dysfunction; if I were a fellow, that would be an 'embarrassing disgrace'!) Boy, do I take a long time to get my own double entendre joke... Sheesh.

Old sweatpants from my college kid's room

Happy Hat!

Wearing my happy hat with a smile!


Refashion said...

The hat is sweet! I love the shape.

Debbie EOD

Carissa said...

Super cute!