Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Lady in Lace!

Hello friends!
It's been a while since my last post, I know, but I am back with a new amazing DIY project. This tutorial is so easy and fun and the outcome is also great! T-shirts are my favourite garments because you can transform them in a minute and in so many ways! This time I added this great lace in a plain cotton t-shirt! What a result! 

Photo 1
What you need is a cotton t-shirt which you can easily find everywhere. This is actually a men's t-shirt in size M. Women's t-shirt are usually more tight and I wanted the fitting to be loose. 

Photo 2
First we cut the hem around the neck and we shorten the sleeves by cutting 5-8cm from sleeve's hem. The original sleeves were too long!

Photo 3
We turn the t-shirt inside out and we stitch it from bottom hem up to the armole and sleeve. We repeat this proceed at the other side too. In this way we make the t-shirt a bit more tight. It is totally up to you! After you finish with the stitching, you must cut the excess fabric at the left and right.

Photo 4
Then we cut the bottom hem around 20cm below the armhole and we stitch the lace on the outter side of the hem. If you want, you can stitch the lace under the bottom hem. We keep aside the rest of the fabric for later. 

Photo 5
At this stage, the t-shirt should look like this. Last, you take the fabric we cut from bottom hem and we stitch it under the lace, this time. The t-shirt is ready! It is a romantic and elegant piece you can wear in the office or for a night out! Enjoy!

*Many thanks to my beautiful friend Fotini who accepted to be my model at this photo shoot. 

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