Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Refashioned Christmas to all!

Last year for my kids Christmas outfits I went all out after my mother gave me 4 large T-shirts with Rudolph Reindeer motifs - perfect for a refashioned Christmas.

For my youngest daughter, I took the red shirt, took the sleeves off and cut a bodice shape at the top. The sleeves were cut out of the original sleeves, using the original hem. I added a crescent insert using a snake print jersey for a bit of interest. This jersey was also used as the hem and neck binding.

For her Twin, I used the same shirt but in black and made him a muscle shirt using the same bodice pattern but if course having a much shorter length. Again the jersey was used as the neck, sleeve and hem bindings. His pants are Harem style made from another T-shirt with the same reindeer motif. The reindeer look so cute on his bottom as he runs along, just wasn't able to get a photo.

My other girl's dress is the top pattern with a quarter circle skirt added at the bottom using the snakeskin jersey. The motif on the T-shirt was quite large, so I was lucky to fit it all onto the bodice.

I really like how the outfits turned out, they all go together without being too matchy, matchy. I've included some other photos, which don't show anymore detail but are too cute to leave out. I can imagine all the problems of the world that are being solved over cups of hot chocolate in the last photo!

This year I made the girls some Christmas outfits from tablecloths, which I hope to post soon, so keep a lookout.

Lastly Merry Christmas to all, and here's to lots of refashions in the new year.

If you are interested in seeing other outfits that I have refashioned and made, please visit my blog:


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Lovenicky said...

I love those tshirt dresses. Great job! Adorable kids too! Happy Holidays!

Refashion said...

The dresses look very cute. I like how they are not identical but similar.