Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na - Spiderman!!!!!

Dela, my 4 year old loves Superheroes (like most kids his age) and I wanted to make him an outfit which he could wear out and about without being a full on costume. I found a set of Batman sheets and made him some shorts and a top with an attached cape, pictured below. I drafted a sailor collar and extended it into a cape. He loved this outfit and has worn it to bits, so when I found some Spider-Man sheets at a thrift store, I was really pleased and duly made him another outfit. Fortunately, for my love of refashioning, he has never asked for these sheets to go on his bed.

Turns out though I had made a mistake - Spider-man doesn't have a cape! Even though I had made it a a month ago, it was only last weekend that Dela finally wore it due to Batman being nearly stained out of existence. It was worth the wait as he looked gorgeous in it, even with the ninja turtle face paint!

You may have noticed a bit of a refashion of Dela's hair - I got sick of having to comb it constantly to stop the knots and he wanted it cut short like Daddy, so as much as I adored his curls, a refashion was required!

If you are interested in seeing other outfits that I have refashioned and made, please visit my blog:

Mary D

Orange Who? At least it's not all Pink and Blue


IWOM said...

My theory on Spidey's non-cape status is that one would get caught in his web.

(But that's just me!).



Orange Who? said...

I like your theory!