Wednesday, January 08, 2014

80s revamp

Here's a refashion I did yesterday of an 80s shoulder padded dress. I bought it at an op shop months ago because I liked the fabric, but it was completely shapeless and outdated.

I removed the sleeves, took off the pockets, chopped some length, took in the sides and back, and removed the shoulder pads. I ended up making it a bit too short, and the armholes are a little large, so it's still a work in progress I think. I'm still deciding if I should add a band or frill to the bottom? Maybe I could just wear it over pants.

You can see more of my adventure over on my blog if you like.



highest shelf said...

Very improved. I would add a band to the bottom, but I have also seen dresses and with lace in a matching color at the hem that looks quite nice because its modest and sexy at the same time

Saga said...

I looks really good.

I too think that the dress would look good with a band/frill/lace at the bottom.

Jennifer Elliott said...

I agree with Saga and highest shelf ... A matching patterned band would be a simple fix to add length and a little jazz. Great refashion.

Mezzy M said...

This dress would be super cool during a hot Australian summer.