Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Happy New Years! 2 new Refashions- a dye job and a button down

Happy New Years everyone! Who's ready to start the new years out with some sewing?? Me, ooo, me!!! I was cleaning out my closets this past December and got together everything I had purchased (or donated to me by my friends and loved ones) all of my refashions and wow I got a lot!! Decided to challenge myself and strive to do 99 refashions this year!!! I have also some big sewing goals as I will not be purchasing any ready to wear garments from a traditional store. Gave it up this year! So sewing from my fabric stash or refashioning. I guess you can say it is all about science and sewing for 2014! Wish me luck! Here's a little collection of refashions to come...

And with out the words if you want to see close up. 
Now I will try but the sheer magnitude of sewing and refashioning I am going to be doing, coupled with the fact research will be up and running full throttle here. Not all may make it on Refashion Co-Op. Though I will try! I am just getting started out here with my first 2 refashions of this year.

First, a sleeveless button down. It sort of does NOT fit me/fits me weird..

Example A: the neck is too tight and won't button. the arm holes are too big and open up. And it is too snug on my hips.

I decided to add a back piece of fabric since the armholes gape. I fixed the neckline. Changed the buttons! And made some fit adjustments. For all the details on this refashion, head on over to House of Estrela for the entire tutorial, as I am guest poster for her January Refashion Month! I love how the top now has a lovely surprise. 

The other refashion I have to share is my mummy shirt. I could totally wear this for Halloween only or have it a bit more functional. Also, I needed fix the stain that was on the top that would not disappear with any magic. 

Since the fit was good, I did an acid dye bath with Honey Mustard and it came out this lovely yellow color. I love it!

Who knew I could pull off yellow?! Love it
More on this refashion here

Again, here is to a new year of great refashions! And me completely my crazy sewing goals for 2014!

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Andrea said...

Great save on the blue top!! I love the new style and cute, and the black in the back is perfect :)

Andrea said...

*cut not cute...but it's cute too! ;)

Jennifer Elliott said...

99 refashion challenge?!? What?!? Good luck!!! I know you can complete this challenge! I look forward to seeing all the projects!!!