Monday, January 06, 2014

Skirt to Dress

Hi all and Happy New Year!! 

I'm so excited about 2014!!!

Unfortunately for this entry I don't have any before pics (sorry - there's a resolution for this year in the making.....) but essentially it's a beautiful calf length wrap around skirt I found for a couple of quid at a charity store.

The elephant pattern was at the bottom of the skirt; I chopped it off and used it as a lovely fitted piece just below the empress line.

The remaining pattern below the elephants makes the bodice. I joined it all together by putting a zipper in the back. This also allowed me to make it fitted (I didn't really have any material to spare on this one!). By using the bits and bobs I got a great patchwork feel to the bodice, which is one thing I love about the dress (along with the colour!)

The wrap around tie became a halter neck solely because a) there wasn't enough material for sleeves/straps and b) they're cute!

Now I'll just have to wait for summer :/

See the process at 2ndspin@AliceSAysNo

Thanks for reading! ☽AliceSaysNo☾


IWOM said...

No better way to start the year than with a Zero Waste project!

Nice work.


Sandy said...

This is really cute!

Sharon Newth said...

It's beautiful. I love it. Wonderful colour too.

Jennifer Elliott said...

I love it! I love the colors and patterns. Great job!