Friday, January 24, 2014

Summery Skirts

It's good to be posting again after a hectic holiday season and frustrating computer problems :)

Maybe a little prematurely, i've been picking through my stash digging out bits of fabric and old clothing to make a few summery skirts (despite it still being rather chilly in the English North!)

This elasticated waist hi-lo skirt was originally a very straight and shapeless wrap-around skirt, but i liked the print - makes me think of a tropical beach!


And this one was just a plain piece of fabric i'd inherited from a friend (no before pic sorry, but i'm sure you imagine a big piece of fabric!) and became a similar skirt, with a scrappy flower pin that i can wear on the skirt or use to help co-ordinate a jacket or top.

This last was a lovely lightweight fabric i picked up in a charity shop, just a massive bundle of the stuff - i've still got lots left - and i knew immediately what i wanted to do with at least some of it.

Another elastic waist skirt (all about the comfort at the moment it seems - must be feeling a bit post-christmas-dinner!) in the form of a squared-circle-skirt! All the fullness of the circle, but with the interesting pointy bits of the square :) All i did was cut 2 squares from the mass of fabric, hem the straight edges, place them together with the corners offset, cut a too-large circle from the centre and sew around the circle-within-the-square (if that makes sense!), first with 'right' sides together, then turned 'wrong' sides together and stitched around the circle a couple of centimetres in to make my elastic casing. Threaded the elastic through, sewed up the gap and voila! At some point i may make a longer version with a zippered waist, but for this one i wanted an easy make with no zips or measuring, and was happy for the finished product to be short and sweet!


Elizabeth Hill said...

Great prints! I can't decide which I like best...

- Elizabeth
aka The Hungry Octopus

Andrea said...

Lovely! I love the variety of prints and think you'll be wearing skirts all summer long :) Great job!

Andrea EOD

*Quick note: make sure to label your refashions when you are posting with The Enchanted Forest so that we can attribute this correctly! I've done it for you, so no need to fix anything this time :)

Jennifer Elliott said...

I love high-low hems! I just haven't had the courage to try the hem myself, but I just adore the hems.