Thursday, January 02, 2014

Wedding dress conversion- zip to lace up back

Kim purchased the dress online but it wasn't exactly what she was after,  
she dreamed of a laced up back! 

So with a little fear and trepidation (working on such an important project) I took to it with the seam ripper's and carefully unpicked the side seams and took them in, to cause a gap at the back. Then made up the satin loop tube which was attached to a stabilising tape then inserted into the centre back seams. It turned out to be quite tricky then I placed a satin panel underlap.
Can't wait to see pics from the actual day!



Cat said...

Olá, olá...
Passei para te desejar um Bom Ano 2014.

IWOM said...

What she said!

How much one loves a lace up dress is a strong indicator of one's unsuitability with the modern era…would that we could wear these every day!