Monday, February 10, 2014

Boy's Shorts

Hey! Magda E. from House of Estrela here. Still showing you my refashions for the Refashion Month Series last month, today I will bring you a pair of shorts I did for my nephew. 
I used a pair of adult jeans for the main shorts and used a piece from a skull printed bag of mine I was wearing for years, but felt terrible hard to part with. 

The bonus? My nephew, who's 8 and generally doesn't like much what I make him anymore, loved this ones. 
read all about it HERE


Refashion said...

The shorts look fun and I like the use of the skull print.

Debbie EOD

Jennifer Elliott said...

I shouldn't use the word "cute" to describe the refashion because the pants are for your nephew. I love the refashion. Very nice.