Monday, February 10, 2014

Floral Culotte Makeover

Unfortunately once I have the unpicked in my hand I zone out and like many of you I forget to take my before photo. Im going to make a sign for my sewing room "Before you unpick take a pic!"....
This skirt began life and very wide legged culottes and after a season I decided they needed a revamp. I added cream net gores and a vertatile waist band that could be wrapped around twice (before a meal) or left to hang longer.


Refashion said...

The culottes look great./ I would love to see a picture of them on to see how they hang.


Sandy said...

I am sure it looks better this way. Suits the print better, I think.
Sandy in the UK

Julie Lail said...

I wouldn't mind seeing it on you either!