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Friday, February 21, 2014

Leggings to socks!

Happy Friday! 

Just a quick one today...I took a pair of $1 thrifted leggings and turned them into thigh-highs/boot socks. 

Then, after altering a pair of running leggings, I decided to make use of my machine's decorative stitches and used a contrasting thread to add a little detail.

And if you want to see the process on the socks or help me decide on what color to use on my other running leggings ;) you can hop on over here and here.



Jennifer Elliott said...

I love the decorative seam stitch on the running leggings. Way to take advantage of the machine stitching!

Jennifer Elliott said...

P.S. I love refashioning stuff into boot socks! Great job!

Andrea said...

Thanks Jennifer :)

Andrea EOD

Gema Ensenat said...

Those socks make me want to cosy up with a movie and popcorn! I'm so doing that..! (The sock refashioning part, not the movie part) Thanks for the inspiration :)

Elizabeth Hill said...

Can I just say that I love all your projects?

- Elizabeth
aka The Hungry Octopus

Andrea said...

Ummm, as often as you want, Elizabeth! ;) thanks so much!!!

Do the popcorn and movie part too, Gema! Once you've refashioned some cozy socks ;)