Saturday, February 15, 2014

my son's t-shirts put to good use

I haven't had a chance to refashion much lately because of some of the other things I have been doing. Then I got the reminder   this week. So it was time for jumping into a project and not second guessing myself like I usually do.

A Certain Young Man left a bag full of clothes he didn't want, but couldn't bear to throw out himself. Some of the things were mostly okay, but with the odd tear or stain.

These 2 looked like they would make a comfy skirt for just throwing on in the summer to wear round the house. or even to the shop and not be embarrassed.

So I cut them out using my gored flared skirt. I used the T-shirt hems for the skirt hems. I also cut the pattern adding extra on the sides because I wanted it a bit more flowing.

Then when I pinned the bits together, I adjusted the pinning to lay nicely so the seam didn't pucker or bag.

I tried it on and took in the different seams at the top a bit more because the t-shirt jersey is stretchy and my pattern is for woven. I could have cut it smaller to start with. But I didn't know how much stretch I would be dealing with.

Once I got it fitting nicely at the waist to hip area, but leaving room to get it on and off, I stitched it to a wide elastic. I had already cut the elastic to a length that was comfortable but would hold the skirt in place.

When I was working with it, I forgot there was a stain on the inside hem area of the piece I had cut for the back panel. You couldn't see it from the outside of the skirt, but I didn't want it to inadvertently show. So, I just added a bit of the contrast shirt in a similar way to some of what I have seen in ready to wear - often on sleeve hems.

and voila.



and it is comfy!

I doubt it will be worn with a pink top but that's what I had on under all my keeping warm layers.


Andrea said...

It looks incredibly comfy! And way to go on turning a stain into a neat detail :) I have a mountain of my husband's old t-shirts to dig through and make into summer clothes for my son...but I may steal a couple for me ;) Great refashion!

Jennifer Elliott said...

Tees turned into skirts are always comfy and simple to make (most of the time). Great job!

IWOM said...

You can never go wrong with cutting larger at the start!

How many of us have learned THAT the hard way?!?