Friday, February 21, 2014

The Knee Boot’s Connected to the Ankle Boot

 got a really cute pair of knee-high boots many years ago and kind of wore out the tops of them, the bottoms were fine though. I got a replacement pair on a great deal and planned on just pitching the old ones… but never did.
Left: Old Boot. Right: New Boot.
Thanks to Pinterest, I found a post on easily converting knee-high boots to ankle boots and thought of my beloved, worn out boot. (I wore the boots under my jeans a lot during college which is how they got damaged.)

I measured and cut them off at the height I wanted and used hot glue to keep the tops folded over. I did a little sewing to keep the zipper capped, but this could probably be done with hot glue as well for a no-sew refashion.

Here are my new old boots:

 You can read more about my boot refashion on my blog, There also a link to go vote for my Tea Party Dress Refashion for a Best DIY Blog Post.


Andrea said...

Great save! Aren't you glad you held on to them? :) Now I'm wishing I had an old pair of boots back that I donated a year ago...could've done something similar. Thanks for sharing this :)

Andrea EOD

Jennifer Elliott said...

Kudos for having the courage to refashion boots! Nice save.