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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Giveaway Scarf

So, remember that scarf series I posted about here last week(ish)? Well, I hosted a giveaway at the end, and the lovely winner is finally getting her prize!

I started with a pair of thrifted leggings that I didn't photograph until I'd already started dismantling ;) oops! But leggings are leggings.

After taking them apart, reworking them a bit, I ended up with this small pile of scraps and two (yes two) scarves like the one you see on the right. You know, one for the winner, and one for me :).

Along with a Tiffany blue braid (her second color choice after mustard which I couldn't find!!!), it is a simple but perfect lightweight scarf for spring.

I'll be sure to make myself another of this same colored braided scarf (since it comes from a huge piece of thrifted jersey knit) so that I can rock this amazing color combo too.

Here's one final look at the 'before' and after:

If you want to see how I made the gray scarf, head on over here for more details and a couple of the 'outtake' pics that I'd normally just delete ;).



Adele said...

Oh lovely. The colours are absolutely gorgeous together!

Adele - EOD

Andrea said...

Thank you Adele :)