Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring Scarf Series

I posted earlier this week about a spring scarf series that I was taking on to show different ways of working with thrifted/secondhand/old clothing and perhaps remnants of fabric from your stash to freshen up your scarf collection. I used mostly old t-shirts and tank tops along with pieces from previous refashions to create these scarves.  You can check them out over on my blog for step by step tutorials, or just to gather some ideas for your own scarves. 

This black scarf started out as a strapless top and a leftover from a previous refashion. I made it into t-shirt yarn, looped and gathered it with the striped bit. See more here.

This next scarf started out at a stretched out top and leftovers from two different refashions. Check out all of the steps here.

One of my favorites is this cobalt blue and green scarf. I used a top my mom had donated to me (no before pic) to make the braids along with scraps of blue jersey knit and the cuffs from my green granny silk top. Check out the details here.

These next two scarves don't come with before pics. They were a collection of thrifted/found tops that were too worn to wear, so they were cut up and made into tubes or braided. For more pics, hop over here.

And these last scarves started as this thrifted top that I turned into t-shirt yarn and braided, and two silk remnants I thrifted. Put them together and the outcome is perfect for spring! Check out the steps here.

Finally, I gathered up all of my scarves and did some mix-n-match magic:

And played with styling them:

For more of that, you can visit my blog. I'm both glad that I did this, and glad that its done ;). Hope you are inspired, as I was, and get to stash-busting by amping up your spring accessories!



Carissa said...

Okay, you must wear a scarf every single day. I love all these, especially the cobalt blue and green one. I thought I recognized those green sleeve cuffs!


Gema Ensenat said...

I love ALL OF THOSE!! My fave is the one made from the birdy tshirt, red white & blue, it has a very nautical feel... LOVE! :D

Jennifer Elliott said...

I think the pink bird and navy striped scarf is my favorite. What I really love about your vision is your use of different fabrics and patterns and different methods to create your scarves. Great job.