Wednesday, March 05, 2014


Hello everybody!

I'm really happy to join you to post my refashions!!
I'm Althéa, I've 4 childrens (12, 6, 5 and 2years old.) I love thrift stores but in my village it is not very wide-spread..!
Oh! And I'm French, so sorry if my sentences seems strange :p
If you want to see what I did, my blog is here, all in french but if you really really want, I can try to translate!

See you soon with a beautiful flowered dress!


Geminae said...

I like your name. What a cool sounding name.

Althéa Vestri said...

Ohh!! Thank you ;)
Have a nice day =D

IWOM said...

We look forward to your contributions Althea!

And don't ever worry about the language differences: we all speak refashion here!


Althéa Vestri said...

Yes it's true ;)
refashion is universal :)

good night!