Thursday, March 27, 2014

T-shirt to girl boatneck dress with her stencil

Hi all,
Here in this part of the world is in the school summer break. My girl want to participate in any project I would make for her. Here comes the kid's stencil plus mommy's refashion.

We've started with the plain white t-shirt. My favorite strated material.

My part is to cut and sew it. I used the beachy boatneck pattern  from blank slate pattern. The bottom hem was added to add the color to the dress.

Then it comes the fun part for my girl, we selected the cute rabbit outline from internet. I use the freezer paper to created the stencil and let her painted by herself. 

And we got this adorable & comfortable dress. The girl is so pround of herself in her new stencil outfit.

I was also having fun stencil my own plain t-shirt for my pregnancy as well. Freezer paper stencil is so easy and fun!



Bunny said...

Darling and so creative!

Sandy said...

What a cute dress and wonderful idea to let her do the painting!
Sandy in the UK

Geminae said...

This is great. Awesome idea!

Andrea said...

So very cute! Both of you ;) I also love that you let her do the painting!

jennifer elliott said...

Penya, you're amazing and adorable! I love the cute girls dress with the stripey color block on the bottom. Great refashion!

IWOM said...

I am sending a link to this post to all my friends with kids!

Really cute -- on both of you!