Thursday, April 24, 2014

More Bathing Suit Modifications + A Coverup

Continuing in the theme of bathing suits and modifying them to work for me, I got to work on the other refashion I did last year that needed some extra tweaking.

I'd originally inserted inch wide elastic at the top of these new bottoms, but that wasn't working well for me and I wanted a bit more tummy control, so I replaced it with super wide elastic I found at the thrift store last year. I also removed the elastic/rubber from the leg holes, and by simply overlapping the ends a tiny bit instead of an inch, I gained two extra inches for each leg hole...much more comfortable and flattering! Come see the step-by-step here.

This suit, refashioned last year, had one final piece that I wanted to modify and fix. The halter top.

I removed the initial gather I'd made in the center of the bust, then reshaped it and inserted a soft foam cup bra for support. Come see how that went down here.

Finally, I played around with mixing & matching my bathing suit pieces and made myself a quick coverup from a scarf. Find the tutorial and mix&match details here.

Think I'm ready for summer and days spent at the pool or beach! Hope you enjoy these refashions and can see more ways of making your suit fit and flatter to the max!



Indy said...

Oh my goodness, how amazing! I'm in love with that first suit you customized - brilliant!

Andrea said...

Thank you Indy! I also love that first suit...I loved it on the hanger as it was (a 1-piece) but it was too short for my torso and never looked quite right :-/ Now, making it a 2-piece, it has a retro vibe and that peek of midriff really helps to balance everything out ;).

Andrea EOD

Huli said...

i absolutely love this refashion! i'm so inspired!