Sunday, April 27, 2014

From summerjacket to kids eating apron.

This is my first post on this blog, and since English is not my first language please bare with me if I make mistakes...

We parent's really know the situation well... during dinnertime! Kids splash the food all over their clothes and mommy needs to wash again!
We used to have apron's or bibs from IKEA. But my daughter is 6 years old now and she doesn't fit in them anymore. But sometimes you want to protect the clothes from stains rather than washing the stains out of the clothes. Which sometimes won't work...

I came up with a solution! I had bought myself a new summerjacket because my old one had some holes and was to wide for me. (I could have fixed that jacket for me but I didn't) Now I had the old jacket to turn it into a kids eating apron.

This is me wearing the jacket and this is the apron.

I've cut the collar and made a seam.
I made the sleeves shorter and crated a tunnel with elastic.
The front side of the jacket became the back of the apron. I've cut the zipper and the button's but left the top button to close the apron.
Since the back of the jacket was to wide for my daughter I made it smaller and cut the waist.

My daughter shows the apron... near bedtime ;)

Please read more on my own blog Made by ME. I write in Dutch, but mostly the pictures speak for themselves. And you can always use chrome translate =D
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Greetings Joke from the Netherlands


Sandy said...

A very good use for a jacket you don't use any more!
Sandy in the UK

Een zeer goed te gebruiken voor een jas je niet meer gebruiken!
Sandy in het Verenigd Koninkrijk
excuseer de google vertaling!

Carissa said...

This is so cute, and I bet your daughter likes it a lot better when she's not sleepy! Great job!


Joke Vermanen said...

Thank you both for the kind words! And yes she does like it, because it's pink ;)
Sandy, I understand English very well, so that's not the problem. But writing it is a total different story ;-)