Thursday, April 10, 2014


The shirt-hoddie result
My daughters hoodie and shirt - became a shirt-hoodie.

I just cut off the shirts sleeves and collar.

Used the sleeves for template for the new sleeves.

Placed the hoodie - and my daughter got a new garment!

The hoodie before..

The shirt before..


studiofaro said...

This is an excellent re-fashion and completely on trend. Great work! :)

Kelley said...

Very cute results indeed!

Hugs and happy weekend,

jennifer elliott said...

Great job! What a neat way to save two shirts -- combine them into an unique hoodie. I love it!

Annikins said...

This is really great and clever, well done.

Hanne said...

Thank´s all for kind comments ;-)
Happy weekend to all!

katboulder said...

What a great hoodie refashion! I'm definitely going to try this, thanks for this creative idea!

Andrea said...

I've got some of my son's old clothes that needed this refashion idea...I'll be upsizing the clothes a bit as I make them, but he loves hoodies and I can take several old shirts/sweatshirts/t-shirts and cobble 2-3 of these together :) Thanks so much for posting this!

Andrea EOD