Monday, April 07, 2014

Old refashion, new refashion!

Did you miss us last week?  (You did notice that we USUALLY post weekly, right?!)  Well, to see why we didn’t post last week read through to the end of the post to see what we’ve been up to!

Today we’re going to show you one of the first refashions we ever made.  Why an old refashion?  Read to the end of the post for that too!  

For this stunning skirt refashion we started with 2 pieces that had great bones, but could use some pick-me-up.  We started with a plain denim mini.  Plain, but with potential for so much more! Cost $2.50
Next we found a blue polka dot skirt with colors that popped…a few sizes too large. Cost $2.00
That thing is so big, I think we could…hey come here model #2!
Verrrry funny, but a little hard to go out in public like that!
Here’s what we did:
Step 1: Measure bottom of mini.
Step 2: Fold in one section of polka dot skirt until it fits same measurement.
Step 3: Sew together sections of polka dot skirt, cut off excess on inside.
Step 4: Sew top of polka dot skirt inside bottom of mini.
Presenting….oooh la la!  We call this our mermaid skirt, with it’s flirty tail.
Hello fun, new skirt!
Now that’s something she’ll be wearing in public…often!
Alright, now for the moment (we hope!) you’ve been waiting for...our explanation as to why we are posting an old refashion and why we didn’t post here last week.  We checked with the editors, and they said it’d be alright to tell you about what we’ve been doing!  We are hosting a 4 week long sewing competition over on our blog.  Maybe, hopefully, you've heard about it, it's called Challenge Create: Adult Edition.  Last week, the week’s theme was Nature Inspired, and all the entries were so very awesome and inspired!  But we wanted to make sure everyone is aware of this week’s theme so you can link up because it involves FREE STUFF!!!  This week’s theme is Refashion Week!  Now we know each and every one of you reading this is a major refashionista because we’ve seen your work, so please run, don’t walk over to link up your refashioned creation.  The prizes for this week’s sew along winner are: 
$10 gift certificate to The Fat Quarter Shop
2 FREE PDF patterns from Shop Onion
FREE copy of our refashion ebook, Not A Skirt!
That's more that $50 of FREE STUFF!!!
It doesn’t have to be a new refashion, just link up to something you’ve refashioned in the past few months.  See you there!

Audrey & the Skirt Fixation team
P.S.  Even if you decide not to link up, you must go over every day this week to see what the contestants have made.  You will be SO inspired by their refashioned outfits!

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cfortin said...

Great pictures! Hope you have a great turnout for your competition.

Cindy - EOD
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