Friday, April 25, 2014

Shirt dress refashion for little girl

Hello all,

It is about refashion for my little girl again. This time I started with my own button up shirt (size S).

Before : The girl surely doesn't fit in mommy's shirt
After re-sized the shirt, I added eyelet laces at both sides to created the wings. Then curved up the hem. I did the casting at collar for ribbon. Here's the result:

After : The girlie button up shirt.
Now she can flyyyyy.




Andrea said...

You have the luckiest (and cutest) little girl! Love all of the refashions you've been doing for her :)

One quick reminder, make sure that before posting you add your user name label: An apprentice housewife! We want to make sure that you get credit for each post :)

Andrea EOD

Althéa Vestri said...

So nice =D

Feeling Kinda Thirfty said...

This us so cute! I love the creativity and uniqueness if it.

Sandy said...

Love how girly the 'wings' make the dress. Great idea!
Sandy in the UK

jennifer elliott said...

The model and the dress are super cute! I love it! Great job!