Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Anniversary Date Refashion

Aloha!  I'm super excited to share my newest refashion with you.  I plan to wear it on my anniversary date. 

I bought the dress for $1.25 at a local thrift shop, and my mom gave me the skirt.  You can check out more details about this refashion on my blog.


Althéa Vestri said...

I'm not a fan of roses, but dots it's a really good idea ;)

Gema Ensenat said...

Such a great idea to add those polka dots, it makes a massive difference to the look of the skirt! Love this! Hope you had a wonderful anniversary dinner :)

Louba said...

Love this! The dots are really effective

IWOM said...

And to think -- when we were little we might have got in a fair amount of trouble for drawing on our clothes!

As a member of the pale skin brigade I hear ya on trying to wear florals. Dying the fabric/garment helps separate you from the fabric, but the pattern can become TOO subtle. This is such a great solution.