Sunday, May 25, 2014

From daddy to daughter fashion.

And this time it's the clothes from daddy that I turned into new clothes for our daughter.

At first we had a long pair of jogging pants that I turned into shorts for my husband. I kept the leftovers of course and turned them into new shorts for my daughter.
Pretty simple to: just put a pair of well fitting jeans on it sideways so you can cut out the crotch section. Put it together and add some elastics (again I used old elastics from daddy's old boxers) and it's done!

Daddy's shorts.

After this pair I still had some leftovers and those I turned into a pair for her Ken doll!

And then spring began and my daughter requested for a body warmer. She had one for the last 2 years but that one is now to small for her. I had some wadded fabric lying around and only needed some fabric for the inside of the body warmer. And for that I used daddy's polo shirt.
I used the same pattern as for the summer jacket.

I turned the collar and used the sleeves of the shirt for pockets.
It was the first time I had to finish a piece like this. But it really turned out fine. And the important thing is that my daughter loves to wear it, sometimes even inside out even if the zipper is not made for that purpose...

Body warmer.

I hope you enjoy these re-fashions as much as we do.
Greetings from the Netherlands,
Joke Vermanen


Carissa said...

So many great projects! And your daughter is adorable in her new body warmer!


Nina said...

Awesome! Thanks for the pants bottoms to shorts tip :)

Sandy said...

the body warmer is a great idea!
Sandy in the UK

Joke Vermanen said...

Thanks for your kind words =D