Monday, May 26, 2014

Husby's shirt + Granny's sarong to my new dress

Do you know sa-rong? It is a tube of fabric usually wearing in South Asia, including Thailand. It's one part of our traditional costume.
I got this sa-rong from mother in law's fabric stach. The elderly trend to wear them in normal life while the young generation mostly wear them on special occasion and some festival.

  So, together with my husby's working shirt that he passed it to my fabric pile. I've created something that I would more often wear on daily basic, the shirt dress.

On process
It's turn out well. I can still wearing it during my first and second period of my pregnancy. I think the sa-rong and shirt would happy to have their second life together and be worn under the sun again.

Happy ReFashion!

Penya, An Apprentice Housewife.


Nina said...

Aw! Super cute :) pretty and comfortable

Refashion said...

I love the use of the shirt to create a yoke. The new dress looks so pretty.

Debbie EOD

Jessie Stracener said...

That is a really neat idea.

Linda Forager said...

I love the way you used the shirt to make the neck line. What a great idea!

Sandy said...

How cute! Love the way the combination makes it look like a pinafore, but much prettier with the sarong design.
Sandy in the UK

jennifer elliott said...

Cute refashion. Great job!

jennifer elliott said...

Cute refashion. Great job!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! You did a great job with it!