Thursday, May 29, 2014

Introduction & 1 Silk Maxi Skirt Refashioned 3 Ways

Hi! I'm Stephanie and I blog at about things I sew and craft for myself & my family. Refashioning motivated my start in sewing and I love doing it! 

One of my most recent refashions has the before & after pictures all together in one shot - I cut up one silk maxi skirt and used it three different ways to refashion three tops!

I share steps to recreate each look with more pictures in this post here, I look forward to sharing more refashions with the Refashion Co-op!


Nanna said...

great save on the skirt!

IWOM said...

We look forward to them!

Welcome on board.


Marissa Nielsen said...

Those are all very cute options! I especially like the one in the bottom corner.

Andrea said...

Girl after my own heart with that all that silk ;) Love how you found several ways to use it up!

jennifer elliott said...

Welcome! Great job on all three refashions! I love incorporating a little bit of leopard print to a shirt for a person who may not be confident she could pull off a leopard print. Great idea.

Stephanie @ Swoodson Says said...

Thanks for the kind words, ladies!