Friday, May 02, 2014

Two dress refashions

I did a couple of dress refashions recently.

The first one was a tropical print sundress that didn't fit very nicely and had a ruffle I didn't love at the bottom.
I thought the print was a bit too bright as well, so I added a bit of dark blue dye to darken the color a bit. Then I removed the ruffle and turned it into a belt. It was quick and easy.

The second refashion started as an odd dress with a tight elastic bodice that made my chest look super flat. 

I removed the bodice, re-shaped the dress and the lining, and added a new shoulder section out of a scrap of black cotton I had already.

For more details about either of these, check out my blog, Two Half Eggs


Sandy said...

These are great changes. Both of them suit you so much better with the new look you have given them.
Sandy in the UK

Gingham Ginger said...

OMG! To cute!

Andrea said...

Definite improvements on both, but I especially love the second one :) Love your vision for that!

Please remember to label your post before you publish it with your username Two Half Eggs so that we can make sure to attribute this to you in the sidebar :)

Andrea EOD

jennifer elliott said...

Great job on both refashions! I love both.