Sunday, June 01, 2014

Cari's frocks-Dress to Skirt redo

Hello again from Cari's frocks.

My name really is Cari Frock and I LOVE to sew.

Here we have Ms Em in a dress she did not like:

SO- we set about to change a dress into a skirt.
STEP 1- Remove zipper
STEP 2-Cut top from skirt
UH-OH! zipper removal needs a-fixin'
STEP 4- stitch a front seam

A couple of bustle tucks on both sides in the back to pull some of the fullness from the front and we have a skirt that she is willing to wear!
Finished! It is one of those 'shorter in the front than the back' things. 

Til next time...happy stitching!!


Carissa said...

That dress was not very flattering. MUCH better as a skirt! Great job!


Cari Frock said...


jennifer elliott said...

I love it as a skirt. Great job!

Cari Frock said...