Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Crops for the Texas summer heat.

This linen outfit was great for teaching elementary summer school in the 90'. Top and pants had matching trim,so it was considered a matching "outfit".. Pants were crop while still long enough to fit dress code.
This summer, part-time work at our Texas flower shop requires clothes that look okay but that can get dirty. The outfit is now ready for the shop.
Matchy, long.
Not so matchy and shorter, cooler.

Matching trim was cut off of the pants when they were shortened. Shorter parts are cooler and not so matchy-matchy.  They also are not as droopy with the extra weight off.

Oprah once said that crops are not attractive on women. I wonder what she would wear to deliver flowers in 100 plus degree  Texas summers.

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IWOM said...

Well, there's a question that will keep me up tonight: perhaps you should drop Miss Oprah an email and ask!

When it comes to crops you do need to find the length that suits you best: I used to be a just below the knee fifties style person but now I'm firmly in the mid-calf length category.

(Drink lots of water!).