Sunday, July 13, 2014

60s maxi dress saved to see another day!

Hi all,

Sorry for the lack of before shots on this one; I had to re-fash quickly for a night out last night! Imagine a long (to the floor!) 60s maxi dress with a front seam and long to the wrist sleeves that slightly puffed out...... scary! All for 5 quid :)

So  I chopped off the sleeves completely, hemmed and stitched them up and then went in for the kill and made it a mini. I had to make sure that the horizontal seam along the hemline was straight so as to balance with the vertical front seam.

Pretty happy with this dress, although the material is a pain to sew (pure polyester methinks).

Once again, a longer version is over at 2nd spin....

Thanks for reading!


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Carissa said...

Would've loved to have seen the original dress, but I understand we all get a little anxious to start cutting sometimes. You did a great job keeping the retro style, but you updated it so well. It's a little go-go now! Love it!