Saturday, July 12, 2014

Ranch House Jeans and New Skills

My focus on this project was to practice new skills while ending with a usable item. I want to alter some very nice, large new ladies pants to a much smaller size. I wanted to practice first.
This pair of  44" waist and very long worn jeans were perfect for practice. I also patched/mended these Ranch House jeans till to give another day of wear.
 44" waist
36" waist, 8" shorter
1. Try on inside out. Pin baste to needed size.
2. Cut off hems.
3. Un-stitch waist bands two inches at side seams.
3. Reinforced outside leg stitching was hard to un-stitch. I cut to to the sides of the stitching and left enough pant leg to reach my needed size.
4. Serge open seams and patches. Top stitch patches before re-stitching seams. Patching is easy this way.
5. Try on. Adjust.
6. Seam waistband to fit new side seams. Top-stitch.

I learned: to use expendable items to practice new skills; to open leg seams when patching jeans; and to
open and seam the waistband back in place. Some new pants already have this type of seam.
When I alter the nice ladies pants I will focus more on fit than I did on these Ranch House jeans.

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Elizabeth Hill said...

I use a similar technique when I turn my thrifted pants into skinny leg pants. It's pretty easy to do and the finished product looks great. Enjoy your new/old jeans!

- Elizabeth, EOD
aka The Hungry Octopus