Thursday, July 24, 2014

No-Sew Lace Tank

Sometimes all you need is a pair of scissors to give a garment a completely different look. I took this bland lace tank top...

Polka Dot Lace Tank - Before

...carefully cut out the lining and built-in bra...

Polka Dot a Lace Tank - In Progress

...and now I have a cute tank that I can pair with a brightly-colored cami to make that lace really pop. Plus, without the built-in bra stiffening it, you can't really tell it's a bit big on me.

Polka Dot Lace Tank - AfterPolka Dot Lace Tank - After

Get more pics and details at CarissaKnits!

Polka Dot Lace Tank - Before & After


jennifer elliott said...

You know I've never thought to take out the dumb built-in bra on some tanks. Great idea. And you're right, the lace looks great with the pop of color. Great job.

IWOM said...

The more loose fit makes the top more versatile I'd say!


Kelley said...

I think the fit is just right for pairing over another tank. You're right, the lace is really highlighted now.

Happy weekend,

Sandy said...

It is so interesting how the change actually makes it look cooler!
Sandy in the UK

Cherie Chalmers said...

What a very simple edit to a shirt, that now makes it much prettier and more useful. It makes me think about what clothes are in my closet that just need a little edit. Thank you.