Sunday, July 13, 2014



Hello again from Cari's frocks.

My name really is Cari Frock and I LOVE to sew.

Her eyes are closed, she didn't want to be seen
My granddaughter wanted scrubs so she could be like her CNA mommy.
So-at our local $1-a-dollar GoodWill, she picked out this one and spent some time with me while we down sized the shirt to fit her.

1st- I took in a 2" back seam.
2nd- About a 2" shoulder seam, both sides.
3rd- a 4" double hem to shorten the scrub 8"
4th-2 tucks in the shoulder seam to bring the sleeves to the correct position.
Next-hemmed the sleeves
Last-removed, resized and restitched the pocket.

Now the scrub fits! And since I didn't cut any fabric, as she grows the seams can be adjusted.

Til next time...happy stitching!!


jennifer elliott said...

Wow! Refashioning without cutting the fabric? The refashion is cute and the model is adorable.

Carissa said...

Like Jennifer, I'm amazed you did this without any cutting. So great that this refashion can grow with her!


Cari Frock said...

thx, Ladies, for your comments.
-cari frock