Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Old Favorites

Summer at the Ranch House starts with getting old favorites ready to wear around the Ranch. We need old jeans, shorts, and shirts, swim-wear, and a few casual things to wear to the flower shop. 100+ degree days and farm, ranch, garden work mean several changes of clothes each day.

When I wore these capris to the flower shop the waist became looser and looser. The old elastic needed to be replaced. Removing the old elastic required opening the waist band. I added a soft knit piece from the trim stash to extend the turn-down in and make a paper-bag waist-band.

After the school-year spent at an office desk, old khaki shorts were tight in the waist. I removed the waist-band, let out the darts, and added six inches from the bottom of an old t-shirt. The t-fabric was folded over and elastic run through. Nothing fancy, but they were great for cleaning the carport this morning.

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IWOM said...

As a former farm kid, I hear you on the necessity of many garments through a day. How Mom kept up I will never know!

No reason not to throw a little style into the drudge jobs.

Keep 'em coming!