Monday, August 25, 2014

Better late than never!

Hard to believe it's been a whole month again! Where does the time go? It's been a busy few weeks and i've not done a whole lot of sewing, so i'll take this opportunity to catch up on posting some refashions from a while back that i never got around to putting up.

These are really just a couple of simple adjustments to make things more wearable. The first (no before pic sorry) was a patterned, strappy top on which i'd previously cut the straps where they attached to the back, creating a halterneck. I more recently added some shirring in the centre back to make it fit better around the bust area, since before it didn't sit right, was slightly too loose and had a tendency to drift a little, which meant i'd rarely worn it, certainly not out of the house, despite loving the pattern. Below is the after (the before was similar, just no shirring and thus a looser fit around the bust).

and the shirred back:

 I did the same to another top which i had previously added colourful buttons and crocheted flowers to (here), again just to make it a bit more fitted as it was a little too large and i felt the shirring would make it a more flattering fit.

I also took in a tunic top gifted to me by my mum, which started off several sizes too large (again, no before pic, sorry!) The problem with this top was the beautiful beaded hem, which was hand stitched and i really didn't want to cut into or have to try sewing over (i've broken needles this way before!). I managed to flare the new fit of the top at the hips to allow the hem to remain whole while making the rest of the top fit me better. I love this top and now wear it all the time :) i'm actually really happy i had to work around the beaded hem, as the flare in the tunic gives it a more feminine look and makes it really nice to wear with a skirt as well as jeans.

Thanks for reading! xx


Refashion said...

The shirring looks like an effective way to make those tops more fitted. Keeping the heavily decorated hem must have been tricky - you did a good job!


Saga said...

What a great idea to shirr the back of illfitting tops

Nina said...