Thursday, August 07, 2014

Better than caffeine

To keep myself awake this evening (must go collect Himself at the Fringe at a rather ungodly hour tonight) I decided to get going on a capri to skirt project sitting somewhere near the middle of the refashion pile.

These pale blue capris have been there a while due to the worn out bit on the inner legs:

They are an 18, I am now a 14 again so I was able to make a 'triangle-less' skirt. I sliced up the inseams, then trimmed

the same  shape from the centre front and centre back, winding up with what I suppose one could call a pencil skirt. Haven't been able to wear one of these puppies in a LONG time.

It could use something, perhaps on the hem, but I am not sure if these denim flowers are it:

Do I machine stitch 'em on or get out the embroidery floss? Or will I be happier with just a good solid wardrobe staple? 



jennifer elliott said...

I love love love the flowers near the skirt hem! I say add the embellishments!

Jennifer Elliott, EOD

Heidi said...

Could you put a couple of backs onto the denim flowers, like a broach? Then on days you feel like flowers attach them to the skirt, and other days leave them off? (Those flowers would be adorable a hat as well!)

DressUpNotDown said...

Yes to the flower and yes to the floss! :o) Make it memorable I say.