Friday, August 29, 2014

Breezy Summer Dress

As summer is winding down, our weather is heating up.  It's been quite hot and humid here in Hawaii.  I'm one of the few lucky ones at our school who gets to work in air conditioning.  It's a privilege that I don't take lightly, and I enjoy it as much as I can because there's no AC in my home.  So, on the weekends, I like to dress in light airy clothing.

Luckily, I stumbled across a vintage 60's dress at Salvation Army a few years ago.  It's been my go-to dress for weekend errands and the beach.

I love this dress so much that I used it as inspiration and a pattern for my latest refashion.  Luckily, I had the perfect Tori Richard dress to work with. Here's a before and after.

If you want to find out more about how I constructed this dress, check out my blog.  Feeling Kinda Thrifty


Saga said...

It is a very pretty and flattering style and it looks great on you.
And I think you just gave me an idea what to do with that can't-figure-out-what-to-do-with-skirt in my refashion pile.
Although up here in Denmark autumn is allready closing in on us.

Clare said...


jennifer elliott said...

I love finding a great dress that makes me feel pretty and can use as pattern for future refashions. Nice job.

Andrea said...

Very cute, I also love that you've found a piece that you can easily copy in future knowing that it fits and flatters (and is easy to wear!).

Andrea EOD

Barry McKimm said...

Very clever use of the dress! It looks terrific on you and you have been creative and shown imagination! Pattern on dress has been used creatively. So glad you didn't just make it into a skirt. Congratulation, very inspiring. Jillian

Nina said...

Nice thrift score! I love finding inspirations like that ;)