Monday, August 18, 2014

FlowerShop Mishap - The paint was wet!

This summer I retired from full-time Professional life in a college-town. My life-style changed; wardrobe needs changed; age / body style changed; and re-fashions changed.
Full-time Texas RanchHouse life requires comfortable clothing, but ready to tend animals or garden.
Part-time FlowerShop work requires comfortable, durable, presentable clothing. Professional contract work needs to be top notch. I am shopping the closet to meet all of these needs.
Before: Paint on t-shirt / crops. 
These re-fashions border on mending / alterations, but must be done to meet current wardrobe needs.
A Day at the FlowerShop ended in paint on green t- and crops. Green t- goes into the refashion stash.
Longer crops met casual-day Professional guidelines, but are a bit long for hot summer flower deliveries. I need these now.

Before: Collar / Tight
 Before: Collar was worn. Shirt was tight.
I considered removing cuffs.

After: Removed darts, collar, left collar band. Used tweezers to pull out collar threads. Time consuming, but great for Harry Potter watching.

This is a heavier cotton. Leaving cuffs makes it good for September / October transition season.

Shorter crops.
Neck-line raised.

Elastic added into casing. 
This blue knit tunic was in  the closet, unworn, due to the low-neckline. 
Before: The bra showed and left no doubt to my limited cleavage. This was not good for nursing home/hospital FlowerShop deliveries.
1) After: I ran elastic in a casing on the neckline, which supported existing braided trim.
2) White crops shortened 1 inch, blue top covers the black paint.
An outfit ready for the FlowerShop.


Carissa said...

Not all refashions have to be major overhauls. Sometimes things just need a couple tweaks. These look great now!


jennifer elliott said...

Small fixes make all the difference sometimes! Great refashions!