Thursday, August 14, 2014

Mary and Granddaughter Abby @ RanchHouse

I normally post as Mary @ RanchHouse. Today Granddaughter Abby @ RanchHouse has a project to share. Abby made an awesome back-pack to use when she returns to school soon.
Buttons from Abby's stash

Abby up-cycled pant legs saved
from jeans and the fur from a coat refashion.
She also used fabrics and trims 
from the stash at RanchHouse. 
Buttons came from her personal 
button stash at the RanchHouse.

Flap open front
Abby drew the design,
determined needed sizes 
and lengths, pinned, 
and did all of the hand stitching.
I provided machine stitching.
We plan for Abby to join us at RanchHouse and Refashion Coop again.


Inside pocket 


jennifer elliott said...

The backpack is really cute! I hope to see more of Abby's refashions in the future! :)

Jennifer, EOD

RanchHouse said...

Thank you from Abby @ RanchHouse.

jenny_o said...

Amazing job! Not only cool-looking but well-made and sturdy. Well done.

Saga said...

Great job by Abby. Very creative and well designed.

April Rogers-Krick said...

Abby it is so cute. I love it. Please keep sharing your refashions. I can't wait to see more.