Saturday, August 16, 2014

NikolaLuigi Refashion

Pyjamas. Pajamas. Jammies. Nightwear.

We all have it. And we all love to cosy up in it in the winter. Or even the summer, depending where you live!

For me, and the varying temperatures of Berkshire, England, I need some short pyjamas to keep me warm, but not too toasty, overnight.

I took some old pyjama shorts, and a used t-shirt, and transformed them into some pyjamas to be proud of!

You can check out how I made this here.



RanchHouse said...

You are so good with the dye. I will need to consult you should I decide to try this. Mary @ RanchHouse

jennifer elliott said...

I agree with Mary! If I need help with a dye job, you're the first person I'm contacting! Nice job!

Jennifer Elliott, EOD

Nicola Jane said...

Fine by me guys! :)