Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Tunic for a Jump House Party

This summer I am shopping my closet. I need something cool and casual to wear to a 4 year birthday party at a jump house in town. It will be 100+ degrees and I will wear shorts or capris. I need to step it up from my usual Ranch House and Flower Shop attire.
This sheer, larger size blouse with tags, never worn was in the closet. It came from a yard sale or thrift shop.
The fabric is very sheer and wrinkles easily. I will starch and iron just before leaving the Ranch House.
Wide shoulders.

Large cuffs.
The cuffs and wide shoulder made this blouse appear too large.  
I wanted to keep the tunic style.
The cuffs were very large.
The shoulders were too wide. 
The sleeve seam hung off the shoulder.
I had removed the collar, leaving only the collar band. 

Shirring in shoulders.
Smaller cuff.
 I moved the bottoms to make the cuff tighter,
but loose enough for movement.

I stitched narrow elastic at the shoulder seam to shirr the shoulder seam in order to raise the sleeve seam.

This now tunic shirt will be good to have on hand for days away from the Ranch House and Flower Shop for the rest of the summer.

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cfortin said...

It is a amazing what a few small changes can make.

Cindy - EOD
Upcycled Design Lab