Thursday, September 04, 2014

70's Collar Refashion

I don't normally refashion men's clothing. I guess I'm selfish and get more excited about dresses and things that are pretty. However, I think this collar makeover may have changed the way I feel about about menswear (at least a little bit). The 70's collar had to go. I really love how it turned out!

How I did it:

I unstitched the collar from the neckline.  Then, I removed the collar and flipped it inside out.  Once it was inside out, I mapped out and measured the width I wanted the collar to be.  Then I sewed the new collar shape.  I flipped it right side out, carefully pinned it back into the neckline, and stitched it back into place.  Lastly, I stitched about 1/4 inch around the perimeter of the collar to give it the finished look. 

A very timely process, but definitely worth it. This shirt is now updated and super wearable!

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1 comment:

jennifer elliott said...

Great job! I love the new collar!

Jennifer Elliott, EOD